Tote Taxi is a luxury luggage courier service specifically for people traveling to and from one of the most affluent parts of the country, the Hamptons. The word “Tote”, is of course, short for a tote bag, which implies fashion and femininity, but as a verb, “Tote” also means “to carry, wield, or convey something heavy or substantial”. The word Courier, which means “to run” but describes a person who guides and assists a group of tourists.

All of these concepts combine to describe something, which we like to call “Haute Courier”.

Haute Courier is everything that is synonymous with old world High Fashion — luxury, status, taste, and quality — juxtaposed inside of the world of assisting and guiding the traveler by carrying their bags and helping them have better vacation experience. Just like Haute Couture, it is artisanal yet state-of-the-art, and symbolic of a status greater than its component parts.

Tell us your address, who is handing us the bag, (i.e. doorman/hotel concierge), pickup time, type of luggage, and drop off destination.

Sit back, relax, let us carry it for you.

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